Single-Player Chronicles: Solo Games and Tournaments

This section contains the records of my Single-Player games. That includes Solo Games, Tournament Games, and anything else that doesn't fall under the category of group activity. This is where the games from the Realms Beyond Epics will be stored!

Solo Games

The Civilization IV Walkthrough
Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven
Special Thanks to Thunderfall and for helping to host the Walkthrough!

Emperor Metalman

Cathy's Romp

Passive-Aggressive Hatty

YouTube Video Playthrough: Willem of the Netherlands

YouTube Video Playthrough: Elizabeth Empress of the Highlands
A new Livestream game with some textbook Civ4 gameplay featuring Elizabeth

YouTube Video Playthrough: Passive Aggressive Conquest
A game where we must win by Conquest without ever directly capturing any cities. Who here likes culture flips?

YouTube Video Playthrough: Roman Seafarers
The Romans take to the oceans in an Immortal difficulty challenge.

YouTube Video Playthrough: The Book of Kells, Religious Celts
A game featuring religion and diplomacy on a very mountainous map.

YouTube Video Playthrough: Frederick's Spy Ring
The one and only time that we want to run the Spy specialists in our cities!

YouTube Video Playthrough: Just Win Baby!
Mansa Musa is surrounded by his enemies in a tough Immortal difficulty game.

YouTube Video Playthrough: William's Cultural Challenge
A Cultural game with the culture slider forbidden named in honor of the newest addition to the family.

YouTube Video Playthrough: Honest Abe's Emancipation Adventure
We must adopt Emancipation civic on the first turn of the game and never swap - no Slavery civic for this game!

YouTube Video Playthrough: Winner's Circle, Louis on Totestra
An Immortal game featuring the latest AI Survivor champ on a truly unique map script.

Tournament Games

Epic One: The Honorable French

Adventure Two: The Frozen Jungle

Adventure Four: Hatshepsut's Hieroglyphics

Epic Two: Eastern Gem Dealers

Epic Three: Rise of the Incas

Epic Five: The Covenant of the Sea

Adventure Nine: Stagnation

Epic Six: Always War

Adventure Eleven: United We Stand

Epic Eight: Potluck

Epic Ten: Rising Sun

Adventure Nineteen: Mao's Muse

Epic Eleven: Hooray for Hollywood

Epic Thirteen: Expansion Potluck

Epic Fourteen: Boudica the Great

Epic Seventeen: Gourmet Menu

Adventure Thirty-Two: Friendly Takeover

Adventure Fifty-Nine: Christmas Potluck
Full game recorded on Livestream for your viewing pleasure.

AI Tournament Games

Civ4 AI Survivor
Game One | Game Two | Game Three | Game Four | Game Five | Game Six | Game Seven | Game Eight
Wildcard Game | Playoff Game One | Playoff Game Two | Playoff Game Three | Championship Game | Conclusion
A tournament battle between AI leaders for ultimate supremacy.

Civ4 AI Survivor Season 2: The AI-stralian Outback
The AIs are back for Season 2 - this time on Livestream!