Civilization IV Walkthrough: Conclusion

Well, there you have it. I've gone through an entire game of Civ4 here for you, and if you've read through all seven parts, you should have a pretty good idea of what a typical game will look like. Of course, there's plenty to explore that I havent't covered here; many different leaders to try, map types to explore, different game speeds, victory types - it's a big game! Not to mention that Multi-Player is a whole other world unto itself, with plenty more to offer.

I've enjoyed the time I've already had working on Civilization IV immensely. While you'd think that the game would be getting stale and boring by now, that's actually not true. I can't wait to see how things are going to play out now that the community is starting to get its hands on the game! I anticipate a great deal of good times ahead, as we continue to explore this game. I'm no kind of impartial observer - far from it - but in my experience thus far, Civ4 is by far the best game in the Civilization series. If you liked what you saw here, perhaps you'll pick up a copy and join in the fun.

I also want to thank the members of the Civ community who stepped in and offered their help with the Walkthrough. Within hours after my original site on Sirp's webhost crashed due to excess bandwidth usage, I already had multiple offers of new web hosting to move the Walkthrough to. Special thanks to corwin90 (Guy Bailey), who gave me permission to move my website over to his hosting, and Thunderfall, who provided extra webhosting on the CivFanatics server to handle the huge traffic that the Walkthrough generated. You guys in the Civ community are the best.

Those who are looking for more information beyond that provided in the Walkthrough - or simply another entertaining Civ4 game to read through - try taking a look at RB1: Cuban Isolationists, a Succession Game played by Sirian and me at CivFanatics. I think that if you liked the Walkthrough, you will enjoy reading through this one as well.

One last thing to mention: if you are interested in getting a copy of Civ4, take a look at the Official Strategy Guide as well. I know, I know - those things are usually worthless pieces of garbage. But one of the Civ4 testers that I have a great deal of respect for co-authored that guide, and packed it with all kinds of useful information. If you see it on the shelf, pick it up and flip through it a bit. I promise it's worth at least a look.

Thanks for reading! Good luck and happy civving.

- Sullla