League of Legends is an online Multiplayer game that pits teams of five against one another. You select an individual champion and work with your teammates to try and defeat the enemy team and destroy their base. I've done a series of commentary videos demonstrating the gameplay, which are hosted over at YouTube. You can find all the most recent games on my YouTube channel, or you can watch my Livestream which has records of past streamed games, or follow the links below to individual games. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of games on my YouTube channel, way too many to list here. Go follow the links above and below to see what's been posted recently.

Introduction Videos
League of Legends 01 - Introduction (Zilean)
League of Legends 200 - How It All Began (Retrospective)
League of Legends 235 - A Beginner's Introduction to League of Legends

Ranked Game Journals
Season One Ranked Journal - Completed (2011)
Season Two Ranked Journal - Completed (2012)
Season Two Ranked Journal - Twisted Treeline (2012)

Teamfight Tactics
The Seven Bad Habits of Newcomer TFT Players
Teamfight Tactics: Reflections on Set Two
Teamfight Tactics: Reflections on Set Four
Festival of Bad Beats: Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5
Shadow of a Doubt: Teamfight Tactics Set Five
A Return to Form: Teamfight Tactics Set Six
Unchecked Hubris: Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5
Draggin' (Dragon?) Their Feet: Teamfight Tactics Set Seven
Salutary Neglect: Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5
Mediocrity Attacks! Teamfight Tactics Set Eight
Runeterra Repugnant: Teamfight Tactics Set Nine

YouTube Links - Teamfight Tactics
Sullla YouTube Channel
Sullla Livestream
Teamfight Tactics Set Ten Playlist (2023-2024)
Teamfight Tactics Set Nine Playlist (2023)
Teamfight Tactics Set Eight Playlist (2022)
Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Playlist (2022)
Teamfight Tactics Set Six Playlist (2021-2022)
Teamfight Tactics Set Five Playlist (2021)
Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 Playlist (2021)
Teamfight Tactics Set Three/Four Playlist (2020-2021)
Teamfight Tactics Set One/Two Playlist (2019-2020)

Older YouTube Links - League of Legends
League of Legends New Games Playlist (2018+)
League of Legends Classic Full Games Playlist (2012-2014)
League of Legends TheButtonMasherz Old Reuploads (2011-2012)
League of Legends Old Full Games Playlist (2010-2011)

Editorials and Commentary

Dr. Mundolove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Metagame
The Curious Case of Complexity
Gotta Go Fast: The Evolution of League of Legends Game Pacing

Champion Guides
Annie Guide (Updated for Season Two)