Collected Editorials

Collected editorial writings, mostly about games or gaming in general. I've collected them in one place here for easy reference, as opposed to being scattered in a dozen different locations on this website. I'd like to think that my writing has improved over time - I've certainly been doing this long enough!

My Reasons for Leaving the Game of the Month Competition (Civ3, June 2002)

Thoughts on Exploits (Civ3, July 2002)
10 Reasons Why Conquests Went Wrong (Civ3, August 2004)
The Civil Service Slingshot (Civ4, September 2006)
Five Open Questions about Civilization 5 (Civ5, June 2010)
What Went Wrong with Civ5? (Civ5, December 2010)
Designing a New Civilization Game (Civ Series, January 2011)
Comparing the Civilization Intros (Civ Series, July 2011)
First Thoughts and Impressions (Diablo 3, May 2012)
Deeper Thoughts: Nightmare Reflections (Diablo 3, June 2012)
Dr. Mundolove: Thoughts on the Metagame (League of Legends, November 2012)
The Curious Case of Complexity (League of Legends, May 2013)
What Made Diablo 3 So Unsatisfying? (Diablo 3, September 2013)
Brave New World: The Review (Civ5, October 2014)
Faster Than Light Tier List (FTL, May 2015)
Why There Will Never Be Another Master of Orion (MOO, July 2015)
GC3 Retrospective: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (Feb 2016) >
Positive Thoughts: Pre-Release Reflections on Civ6 (October 2016)
One Week Later: Early Impressions (Civ6, October 2016)
FTL: Advanced Strategy (FTL, November 2016)
Exceeds Expectations: Civ6 One Year Review (Civ6, December 2017)
Final Fantasy 5: Solo Class Tier List (FF5, February 2018)
For The King: Tutorial (FTK, May 2018)
Gotta Go Fast: League of Legends Game Pacing (January 2019)
Second Chances: Reaper of Souls Review (Diablo 3, June 2019)
Octopath Traveler Overview (November 2019)