Realms Beyond Multiplayer Epic: Axis vs. Allies

Back when we were testing Civ4 prior to release, one of my favorite pastimes was playing coop Multiplayer with humans teamed up against the AI. My first-ever Multiplayer game was a 3 on 3 game with two other humans against 3 Emperor AIs, and we had such a blast playing that we didn't stop until over six hours had passed, when it was after 3:00 in the morning! My expectation was that coop Multiplayer would become popular after the game was released, but in this I proved to be mistaken. Most of those who play Multiplayer are only interested in facing off against other humans, and most people in the Single Player crowd have little to no experience with the Multiplayer world. That's too bad, because a lot of people are missing out on a good time as a result of the two world remaining separate.

When summer rolled around, I decided to do something about this and began organizing some interested players to run a scenario concept that had been kicking around in the back of my mind for some time. These, then, are the parameters for the Axis vs. Allies team game:

Realms Beyond Epic MP Game: Axis vs. Allies
Large Great Plains Map
5 Humans vs. 5 Monarch AIs
Always War

Axis Team

Nazi Germany (Germany/Bismarck)
Fascist Italy (Rome/Caesar)
Imperialist Japan (Japan/Tokugawa)
Fascist Spain (Spain/Isabella)
Vichy France (France/Louis)

Allied Team
British Empire (England/Victoria)
Soviet Union (Russia/Peter)
United States (America/FDR)
Nationalist China (China/Mao)
Free France (France/Napoleon)

After posting these settings and coming up with a roster, we decided to play as the Axis team using these leaders:

Axis Team
Nazi Germany: regoarrarr (pronounced "keek")
Fascist Italy: Ruff_Hi
Imperialist Japan: cynyck
Fascist Spain: Dreylin
Vichy France: Sullla

Once we had worked out a weekly night and time, we were ready to start! With a vow not to rest until the Allied scum was wiped from the face of the earth, our game began. Go on to the next page to hear how we fared.