Runelord Solo Game (with Tressa)
Part Four

I was getting close to the end of the road with Runelord Tressa at this point, with only the Chapter 4 stories remaining to be completed in terms of the main plot. If you've been reading the previous parts of Tressa's journey, it should be clear that she hadn't really been challenged up to this point in time. The Runelord is an incredibly powerful class and I kept wondering if the game would ever start throwing up genuine obstacles in her way. It hadn't happened thus far and the Chapter 4 bosses were one of the few remaining potential roadblocks. Before heading off to face them, however, I sent Tressa off to poke around in some of the typical side areas:

I started out with the battle against the Giant Python in the Quicksand Caves. This is an optional boss fight that gets triggered by the "Shadows Over The Sands" side quest and it can be quite difficult without the proper setup. I always remember that this was one of the first places where my original non-variant party was wiped out after everyone was put to sleep. Anyway, this boss fight has two opponents in the form of the Giant Python itself and an accompanying Snake Charmer. The human is by far the weaker of the two but it's better to avoid targeting him first since his death will sent the snake into a dangerous rampage. The Snake Charmer will keep randomly blocking some of the weaknesses on the Giant Python in annoying fashion while the animal hits for heavy melee damage and tries to put your party to sleep. Tressa had the good fortune of not needing to hit an elemental weakness with her attacks, as she would be dealing roughly 9000 damage even if the ice or light elements were temporarily locked out. (The Runelord really does make the game a little too easy sometimes.) Tressa was also aided here by the axes weakness on the Giant Python, which could allow her to use unneeded boost points for additional melee attacks to cut through shields. This was a pretty routine fight overall even if I did need to have Tressa spend a fair number of rounds pausing to gulp down healing potions. She had enough evade to dodge a good number of the incoming attacks and protection against sleep status from her Wakeful Stone.

I had her go after another optional boss next in the Leviathan:

The big octopus appears with two sea urchin minions and unfortunately will revive them throughout the battle. The good news here was that each minion only had 8000 HP and Tressa was doing a fair bit more than that with her elemental pursuits. Her attacks were a guaranteed 9999 damage when hitting an elemental weakness, but she was now close to the damage cap even when she wasn't targeting the correct element as seen above. (Geez, Runelord! ) The most annoying aspect of this battle was the use of both stunning and poison attacks, forcing Tressa to tie up both of her accessory slots with the countering items. She also had to spend a fair number of rounds healing because I didn't want to dip into her stock of Refreshing Jams unless absolutely necessary. Still, the overall situation was heavily in her favor, with Tressa dealing a guaranteed 9999 damage every time that she attacked the Leviathan itself. The creature has 55k health and it wilted pretty quickly under that kind of offensive output. It's too bad that the reward for winning this battle (like pretty much all of the optional boss fights) was a useless item weaker than what Tressa already had on hand.

I'd been using Tressa's axe as her preferred weapon of choice for ages on end. Swords are a great weapon type overall in Octopath Traveler, a common monster weakness type linked to lots of powerful skills across several different characters. However, swords as a group are pretty bad when it comes to elemental attack instead of their usual physical attack focus. I finally managed to track down a sword with a decent bonus to elemental attack in the Lorn Cathedral underground:

The Enchanted Sword wasn't as good as the Rune Hatchet that Tressa was using in the axes slot, but its +220 to elemental attack was a far sight better than the +0 that she'd been getting from the Forbidden Blade. The decrease in physical attack was basically irrelevant since all of Tressa's damage was coming from the elemental pursuit portion of her blows. And although using Tressa's axe was still the superior option (since the elemental rune damage was based on the weapon type used to make the attack), there were occasionally situations where an enemy had a swords weakness and it was worthwhile to break out the Enchanted Sword. The really annoying thing is that she could have had this weapon all the way back in Bolderfall in Chapter 1! This is an uncommon drop from Alphas, an NPC in town, and can appear from winning a Provoke/Challenge fight with him. It's not guaranteed to appear and I didn't realize that the opportunity to pick up this item would go away later in the game. My equipment guide said "Alphas moves" after starting the Daughter of the Dark God II side quest which wasn't clear to me what that meant. It actually means that the Enchanted Sword can *ONLY* be picked up in Bolderfall and starting that side quest will remove the chance for this drop as Alphas travels to Saintsbridge. I could have had this item vastly earlier in the game when it would have been a huge help - argh!

Lorn Cathedral is the dungeon associated with Therion's Chapter 4 story and the desire to pick up the Enchanted Sword was part of the reason why Tressa was heading there first. Yep, I was going after Darius before any of the other endgame bosses this time instead of saving him for last. Defeating Darius would also open up the path to some very helpful new equipment, and for once I was confident that my solo character could defeat him without too much trouble. That was because Tressa still hadn't used her final trump card yet: the Runelord's Divine Skill.

56,000 unused job points saved up? Well I guess she could have learned this skill a bit sooner, heh. Tressa hadn't needed her Divine Skill up to this point in time and I'd been saving it for use against the Chapter 4 endgame bosses. Balogar's Blade is essentially a supercharged version of the six other elemental runes. It hits for all six elemental pursuits, one after the other in succession, at slightly less than half the damage of a normal elemental pursuit. (The attack modifier for the six runes is 10 while Balogar's Blade has an attack modifier of 5, with the difference being the 0.55 defensive modifier for the elemental runes versus 1.00 for the Divine Skill. Basically the standard elemental runes cut the defender's elemental resistances almost in half while Balogar's Blade leaves them unaffected. Thus the damage is somewhat less than half of the standard runes except in the very rare case of an enemy with zero elemental resistance.) Needless to say, hitting six times in a row at roughly half damage would be pretty amazing for Tressa. She was actually wasting a lot of her potential damage against broken enemies because she would smash into the 9999 damage cap. Striking six times at a lesser amount would bypass that restriction entirely and I planned to use it to work around the cheesy anti-solo moves in Darius' arsenal. With a Conscious Stone for stun protection and an Empowering Necklace for an additional 1000 HP, Tressa was ready to take on the evil thief.

As always, Darius began the battle by locking out Tressa's item usage. She could break him very easily to start the fight, with Darius weak to both axes and wind element, and that would get those items right back again. The tricky thing was setting up for the second break of Darius at the right moment in time. He would block out his axes weakness while keeping the wind element weakness intact, and unfortunately that made things a bit tough. Six attacks with Gusty Pursuit would keep dealing 9999 damage on each attack and knock Darius down to 25% HP faster than I wanted, triggering his "Call Comrade" insta-kill move before Tressa was ready to break him again. But wait too long and Darius would steal away Tressa's items a second time, and without the ability to heal she wouldn't last for very long against this dangerous opponent. Darius certainly didn't make things easy for her on his turns either, debuffing Tressa's physical defenses and increasing up to a third action each round when he fell below 50% health. I had to experiment a bit with this battle to try and get the timing windows to line up correctly for Tressa's elemental runes and her Divine Skill.

After a few repetitions, I figured out that it was best to power through Darius' second set of shields as quickly as possible. He was stealing Tressa's items away too fast to waste rounds not attacking. I wanted to break Darius for the second time and then hit him with Balogar's Blade for a massive damage spike, hopefully bypassing the "Call Comrade" nonsense entirely. I actually flubbed this timing by breaking Darius and then not having enough boost points available to use Tressa's Divine Skill - whoops! It had been so long since Tressa needed to use an ability at max boost that I had kind of forgotten about it. Instead, I broke Darius for the second time to get Tressa's items back and then hit him again while broken for the guaranteed 9999 damage. Right when he was about to fall below 25% HP and use his instant kill move, Tressa pulled out her own Divine Skill for the first time:

Balogar's Blade proceeded through all six of the elemental pursuits one after the next, using the identical same six animations that I'd become used to seeing throughout Tressa's journey. The elemental order was also identical to the listing of the runes on the menu screens (fire, ice, lightning, wind, dark, light) which could be important if breaking an opponent halfway through the skill. Each elemental strike did a little over 4000 damage, and while that wasn't too impressive on an individual basis, there were six of them after all. 25,000 damage was pretty good as far as I was concerned. (This is also why I had wanted to use this skill against a broken Darius, where they would have been dealing twice as much damage.) It was just barely enough damage to nudge Darius over the finishing line and wrap up this fight before he could "Call Comrade" his way into another cheese win. Even with a class as strong as the Runelord this boss encounter hadn't been a cakewalk.

Defeating Darius by himself didn't unlock anything noteworthy for Tressa. She needed to finish with her own storyline as well to open up a pair of useful side quests and that meant overcoming Esmeralda at the end of the Grandport Sewers. I had been thinking about the best way to approach this battle and decided that a combination of high evade and more total health would be the most effective setup for Tressa. I was able to get her evade up to 725 points with the use of an Enlightening Necklace accessory, and then kept the Empowering Necklace in the other slot for +1000 HP to get Tressa up close to the 6k mark. (One nice thing about Esmeralda is a lack of any status ailment attacks to force the equipping of certain accessories.) All of that evade came in very handy for this fight:

Esmeralda's most dangerous ability for solo characters is her "Five Strikes", a series of five attacks in succession. She will debuff your physical defenses and that can cause each of these hits to deal 1000 damage apiece, not a fun place to be with only a single character to take the blows. I discovered with solo Cyrus that the best solution was stacking a whole lot of evade to dodge these attacks. Tressa managed to avoid roughly half of Esmeralda's attacks and that was enough to make this fight playable. There was one thing that I hadn't counted on, however: Esmeralda's "Red Blade" ability blocked Tressa from making physical attacks! Urk, no physical attacks meant no elemental pursuits with the various runes. This would have been a total disaster for most of Tressa's character run and left her with no solutions other than tossing soulstones at the boss. Fortunately she had a better option available now: Balogar's Blade did not count as a physical attack and therefore remained available for use. Tressa could use items for healing and then strike when she had enough boost points to break out her Divine Skill. It was hitting for 3300 damage when she was unbroken and double that when Esmeralda's shields were down. (Damage was lower here than against Darius because I had to drop some of Tressa's elemental attack to use her evade gear.)

Even with these tools on hand the battle was still touch-and-go at times. Tressa didn't dodge every attack and Five Strikes could be pretty brutal when most of the hits landed. She had to drink a couple of Refreshing Jams and the single pictured Revitalizing Jam, the item that restores boost points as well as HP and SP. I was willing to use this item because I could see that it would lead to a guaranteed victory on the next turn. Tressa was set to act first on the next round and with a full boost meter she could attack with sword + wind element to break the boss, then break out Balogar's Blade for another 6000 * 6 = 36k damage on the following turn. Hmmm, now that I look at this, I could have just used a Large Energizing Pomegranate instead and had the same effect of landing the guaranteed kill. No need to restore health if the boss never gets another turn to act. Whoops! Well, it was over in any case and that was another opponent checked off the list.

With the storylines complete for Therion and Tressa, I was able to start picking up some of that sweet endgame loot in new side quests. The two items in question were the Blessed Blazon and Mikk and Makk's Shield:

The Blessed Blazon was a relatively modest upgrade for one of the accessory slots with +100 to both physical and elemental defense. Tressa already had the Protective Necklace with +80 defense in both categories, but for some reason the triple digits on the Blessed Blazon always makes the benefit feel stronger. Mikk and Makk's Shield was the more interesting item, a shield with +180 evade instead of the penalties to evade that most shields carry around. After my experience with solo Cyrus, I had vowed that I would use my next character to give this item an extended look and I was planning to put it to the test with Tressa. Her endgame equipment setup for regular non-boss conditions therefore consisted of the Enchanted Sword and Rune Hatchet along with Mikk and Makk's Shield, the Adamantine Helmet, the Ethereal Dancer Garb, the Blessed Blazon, and the Empowering Necklace. This gave Tressa 6000 HP, 850 physical/elemental defense, and 650 points of evade. I found that she was dodgy enough to cause more than half of the attacks from random encounters to miss her. That was quite a bit better than loading up on heavy armor and tanking all of the blows. In other words, Mikk and Makk's Shield is likely even better than my beloved Battle-tested Shield since the latter item carries a major evade penalty. What's better than stout armor for protection? Not getting hit at all! (Just be aware that evade is useless against elemental damage since it always hits - evade is not a cure for everything.)

I stacked as much evade as possible to deal with Werner, the next boss on my list, and this was another place where Mikk and Makk's Shield was the perfect tool for the situation. Tressa's results were even better than what solo Cyrus had experienced, with about two-thirds of Werner's attacks missing the speedy Runelord. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this made the battle easy or anything like that, but wow, stacking a ton of evade did make things an order of magnitude more simple than trying to tank through the blows. Offensively speaking, the goal was to break Werner and then hit him with a super-charged version of Balogar's Blade. It was helpful here that Werner was weak against axes as well as lightning and wind elements. I was actually attacking with Tressa's sword here (which Werner was not weak against) to delay breaking him until three elemental pursuits had already landed for 9999 * 3 damage. Tressa broke the boss with ease and then let loose with her Divine Skill:

Ha, take that! Balogar's Blade hit for 45,889 damage in total and cut out almost half of Werner's healthbar across its six attacks. I took a montage of screenshots here to try and capture what the experience looked like in practice, those six elemental pursuits landing on the foul tyrant one after another for massive damage. Werner had already taken 30k damage before being broken, another 9999 damage on the turn he was broken, and then 45k further damage from the Runelord's Divine Skill. He was already on his last legs and the Gusty Pursuit from Tressa's next auto attack finished him off completely. What a huge success! Although I'd beaten Werner with every other solo character, I don't think anyone else made it feel as effortless as Runelord Tressa. Even Olberic had some trouble getting set up for his big 50k attack with Brand's Thunder.

Therion, Esmeralda, and Werner are traditionally three of the most difficult Chapter 4 bosses for my solo characters to defeat. (The other difficult one tends to be Simeon with the remaining four bosses being noticeably easier.) With these three out of the way, it looked like mostly smooth sailing for Tressa against her remaining opponents. I was able to pick up the usual assortment of gear that unlocks after defeating Werner, the Crystal Armor and the Battle-tested Shield and the Battle-tested Blade. While I figured that I'd be using the Enchanted Sword almost all of the time with Tressa, it didn't hurt to have the sword with the highest physical attack value in the game (+400) in case of an emergency. There was one additional item for Tressa to pick up with Werner eliminated:

That was the Battle-tested Axe, available for Purchase from Ned in Victor's Hollow. (It's too bad that he won't come out of hiding until Werner has been defeated. Pretty good stuff on this guy between the axe, the Crystal Vest, and another Tough Nut.) The Battle-tested Axe had slightly lower elemental attack (+250) as compared to the Rune Hatchet (+278) but made up for it with a special property: 30% increased damage while using ice and lightning elements. It was obvious that this axe would come out way ahead for any situation where Tressa was using those two elements, or even when using Balogar's Blade since the Divine Skill would get extra damage on two of the six strikes. I quickly realized that the 30% additional damage for ice and lightning elements had maxed out Tressa's attacks at the damage cap. She would always deal 9999 damage when using Icy Pursuit or Shocking Pursuit, even against unbroken targets or enemies that lacked those weaknesses. Note the white numbers in the picture above, not the red numbers that indicate hitting a weakness or a broken target. Tressa was guaranteed to max out the damage gauge whenever I wanted from this point on, barring a rare situation where her elemental attack had been debuffed or something like that. I think I've said this a few times now: the Runelord is a pretty good class.

Tressa's path through the remaining Chapter 4 bosses was largely dictated by what endgame items and stat-boosting nuts they unlocked upon being defeated. First up was Mattias at the end of Ophilia's story:

His damage is almost entirely elemental in nature and I had Tressa equip the Robe of the Flame to cap out her elemental resistance at the maximum 999 value. I also equipped the usual Void Amulet and Tempest Amulet to block dark and wind element damage respectively, and these preparations basically rendered Mattias completely helpless. All of his spells did single digit damage and his uncommon physical attacks were nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Tressa happily found that her elemental runes were not blocked by Mattias using Infernal Flame. That boss ability only applies to "area of effect" magic damage and the Runelord's normal runes as well as Balogar's Blade were both exempt. (The Runelord Divine Skill is a single-target ability if I haven't mentioned that before.) On the offensive end, Mattias and all of his minions are weak against light element which made Bright Pursuit the rune of choice for this battle. His two unfortunate Senior Cultist minions had 9800 HP apiece which was not enough to stop them from being one-shotted by Tressa. Mattias himself was weak against both swords and axes in addition to light element so you can guess how not difficult he was to break. Two attacks with Bright Pursuit were enough for the initial break, followed by an application of Balogar's Blade for almost 50k damage, and then another pair of Bright Pursuit attacks finished things off. Mattias never managed to summon another group of minions, he just died too fast. For that matter, Tressa didn't need to use a single healing item in the whole battle. It was a complete stomp and Tressa sent this false prophet crying home to mommy.

My choice to go after Mattias before one of the other remaining Chapter 4 bosses had been a deliberate one. Finishing up with Olberic and Ophilia's combined stories unlocks the "Back With Bale" side quest and the Captain's Badge accessory. This is the item that grants 50% additional experience while equipped, and since random encounters had been a triviality for ages now, Tressa might as well wear the thing to bring in some extra XP along the way. I always tend to fight every random battle and open all of the treasure chests since you can never have too many levels on hand for a solo character. This picture was taken in the Forest of Rubeh leading up to Alfyn's Chapter 4 boss. Those deer-looking monsters can hit for well over 1000 damage after buffing up their physical attack, and I was very pleased to see Tressa dodging a good portion of their Boar Rushes. Experience gain was through the roof thanks to the Captain's Badge, almost 1200 XP from this fight after factoring in the 10% bonus for breaking an opponent. You can assume that Tressa was using this accessory for any non-boss situation from this point forward.

I didn't expect much trouble from the remaining Chapter 4 bosses thanks to Tressa's incredible Runelord powers and accumulated endgame gear. The Ogre Eagle demanded a Tempest Amulet to block wind element damage, and for the other accessory slot I chose to prevent poison with an Antidote Stone since it's a common byproduct of the bird's attacks. With the wind damage from Storm Slash and Wind Slash nullified, it was only the physical attacks from the Ogre Eagle that did any damage, and Tressa was able to use Healing Grapes to top herself off without needing to resort to Refreshing Jams. The Ogre Eagle starts the battle with only one weakness unblocked, ice element, and that weakness was perfect for Tressa. The Battle-tested Axe gave her that aforementioned 30% damage bonus when using ice element and even if Tressa's elemental attack had been debuffed somehow, which this boss couldn't do, she still would have maxed out the damage meter. She empowered herself with Ice Rune and began hitting for 9999 damage with each swing. Four auto attacks broke the boss and set up Balogar's Blade, where the Battle-tested Axe caused both the ice and lightning strikes to max out at 9999 damage. The other elements were hitting for about 8000 damage apiece so that was well above 52,000 damage in total from the Runelord's Divine Skill. Tressa nearly managed to defeat the Ogre Eagle before it could get off its Toxic Rainbow ability at all, defeating the beast on the very next auto attack after the ability was enacted. So much for that threat! As I've said before, the Ogre Eagle is mostly a challenge for low-offensive setups and that emphatically was not a problem for the Runelord.

Cyrus' Chapter 4 story was next, chosen simply because it would unlock a few more of the remaining stat-boosting nuts. Lucia was the boss at the finish and, as always, the trick to defeating her was avoiding a break of her 30 shields. This is a real problem for many classes because their damage output is cut substantially by hitting an unbroken target, therefore dragging out the battle for an extended period of time. By contrast, I'd already demonstrated how Tressa could always hit for the maximum 9999 damage without hitting a boss weakness or needing to get through enemy shields first. As long as she was using ice or lightning for her rune choice and wielding the Battle-tested Axe, every attack would max out the damage meter. Thus the Runelord was pretty much the best choice possible for this particular fight, its class abilities lining up perfectly with the dictates of defeating Lucia. Tressa kept attacking, dodged a good portion of Lucia's entirely physical damage with her evade gear, and drank a Refreshing Jam when her HP dropped low. Very easy battle with no need for any creativity on my part.

These chapters were flying along now and I sent Tressa to Marsalim next to finish up with H'aanit's story. While passing through the Grimsand Ruins, I noticed that Tressa was occasionally making it through an entire battle without taking any damage and scoring the "Untouched" bonus of 10% additional money. That's something that basically never happens when playing a solo character because the monsters will inevitably get something like 7-10 combined actions before all of them can be finished off, and the odds of taking zero damage in that span of time are normally miniscule. Only solo characters with powerful multi-targeted abilities can pull this off and the Runelord wasn't one of those classes. (Every Runelord ability is single-target in nature, the only real weakness of the class.) However, Tressa's evasion had advanced to the point that she would sometimes dodge literally every single monster attack, even given the fact that she had to use her first round in each battle buffing up with an elemental rune. It was pretty awesome to see despite having no need at all for additional money this late in the game.

As for Redeye, well, this thing is probably the weakest of the Chapter 4 bosses and Tressa had already conquered much tougher opposition. The weakness-shifting gimmick was completely pointless since all three sets of boss weaknesses have light element included. Bright Pursuit was therefore the name of the game and it would have been hitting for something like 15k damage per swing if Tressa wasn't limited by the 9999 cap on damage. My self-imposed restriction was to see if Tressa could complete this battle without ever using an healing item at all, not even a Healing Grape. Well, she did about 40k damage in landing the initial break on the boss, followed by another 50k damage from Balogar's Blade when Redeye had its shields down, and that pretty much wrapped things up. Tressa finished off the boss with the pictured 2238 HP remaining and indeed never had to spend a round using a healing item. This was a very fast encounter, less than a dozen rounds of combat in total from start to finish. What a world removed from solo Alfyn's marathon battles with some of his opponents!

That left Simeon as the only remaining Chapter 4 opponent. I hate this guy for plot-related reasons, the horrible writing associated with this jerk that turns Primrose into a weepy mess for no reason at all, and I had been saving him for last to try and inflict as much pain as possible with Tressa's stacked Runelord powers. After thinking things over, I opted to use the standard Void Amulet and Articulate Stone accessories for the boss fight. Tressa could have dealt with Simeon while being silenced, since it wouldn't stop her elemental pursuits from applying, but it seemed easier overall to use the Articulate Stone and make sure that Balogar's Blade wouldn't be blocked. This wasn't intended to be a long, drawn-out fight where I would need her to have additional HP or something like that.

Simeon Phase One was all about defeating the two puppet minions as quickly as possible. These two minions gain additional abilities when they drop below half health and therefore it's best to burst them down before that can happen. The Dancer Marionette only had 19k health and therefore it would die in two hits from Tressa's Fiery Pursuit - easy stuff. The Father Marionette was a little bit tougher since it has a little under 25k health and I didn't want to leave it sitting around with just a few thousand HP remaining, where it can break out a stunning attack that Tressa had no resistance against. I took advantage of the fact that the Father Marionette also had a weakness to axes, hitting it once normally and then boosting to break the remaining shields on Tressa's second attack. Simeon buffed up his puppet and it had no effect since the thing was sitting there with shields broken, finished off on Tressa's third attack. Simeon himself does almost nothing in this first phase and was sliced apart with Shadowy Pursuit to take advantage of his weakness against dark element. On to the next phase.

Simeon is still pretty easy in his second phase until he drops below 50% HP and goes up to three actions per round. The ideal solution would have been setting up a break on the boss right before he dropped to half health, then triggering the break and hitting with Balogar's Blade for 50,000 damage and thereby avoiding the more dangerous second half of the battle entirely. This wasn't possible here because Simeon is only weak against daggers in this second phase, another annoying trait that he shares with Darius. (It's weird how two of the most obnoxious Chapter 4 bosses have this same daggers weakness. Almost certainly a coincidence because Primrose and Therion are both dagger users.) I did the best that I could with the situation, hitting Simeon repeatedly with lightning-based Shocking Pursuits and setting him up for an unbroken Balogar's Blade right when he was sitting at half health. The damage was considerably less from Tressa's Divine Skill here since she couldn't get through the boss shields. Still, roughly 25k damage was nothing to sneeze at and it meant that Tressa had a much shorter second half of the Simeon fight to deal with. I still needed Tressa to dodge some of the Act of Impulse attacks from Simeon, that particular attack being physical in nature and not resisted by her Elemental Edge passive, which fortunately she did manage to avoid. Another auto attack with Shocking Pursuit followed by a second Balogar's Blade and this boss fight was over.

Normally I post a picture of each character's concluding splash screen at the end of their solo reports. I've already posted that image for Tressa at the end of her own solo report, however, and this section is for the Runelord class anyway, not Tressa. Instead I'll provide an image from the credits that roll at the end of your main character's Chapter 4 story:

This sequence had actually triggered back when Esmeralda was defeated since Tressa was the main character for this run. In addition to listing everyone who worked on Octopath Traveler, it also shows a montage of every boss fight in the game's main story sequences and specifically how each boss was defeated. For Runelord Tressa, that inevitably meant some kind of elemental pursuit like the Icy Pursuit pictured above taking down Russell. The game keeps track of how each boss was finished off for this ending sequence - the EXACT way that the boss died, mind you - and sometimes that can lead to some funny results. For example, solo Alfyn had a boss that died to a poison tick and that was captured in his ending cinematic montage. The replay showed Alfyn doing absolutely nothing as the boss collapsed in a puff of smoke, pretty good stuff. One thing that I noticed on this playthrough was the fact that Ophilia is voiced in the English version by Christina Vee, who was one of the hosts for some early League of Legends tournaments back in 2011 and 2012. She's done a lot of other projects but I knew that I remembered that name from somewhere.

So I guess that's the end for Runelord Tressa, right? All Chapter 4 bosses defeated, all of the main storylines wrapped up. This is where I typically finish with my solo characters since they lack the capability to continue on any further. However, Runelord Tressa pretty much annihilated all of the Chapter 4 bosses and I realized that she was strong enough to continue onwards to the optional endgame superbosses. If there was any class that was going to be able to take them on with a solo character, it was the stupidly overpowered Runelord. Thus we're going to continue the story a bit further and use this opportunity to explore some content that I haven't previously showcased on my website. There's one more Part Five of the story yet to be told: the Runelord versus the superbosses.