Master of Orion

More stories and tales from one of the finest strategy games of all time.
For a full tutorial and more excellent information, please check Sirian's Master of Orion Page.
There's an additional lengthy series of Master of Orion reports written by Thotimx and posted at Let's Play Archive linked here.
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Master of Orion Resources

Master of Orion Instruction Booklet (Text Format)

Early Solo Games

First Game: Noob Paradise

A Hostile Galaxy

Brainiac Attack

Meklar Corner

Da Bears

Humanity Needs You!
I respond to a MOO challenge posted at CivFanatics.

YellowPsi's Challenge
A similar challenge posted at Realms Beyond.

Impossible Games

Mission Impossible

Flying Into Disaster

Holding On

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Walk in the Park

RefSteel's Meklar Challenge
Another CivFanatics challenge game, this time on Impossible.

YouTube Video Playthrough: Klackons
Master of Orion reporting enters the YouTube age.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Silicoids
Finally a chance to feature the game's most unique race.

Uphill Struggle
A genuine new written Master of Orion report with the Sakkra.

Darloks In A Box
An intense Small map showdown using the shapeshifters.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Bears In Space
Another multimedia game featuring our favorite goofy ursines.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Inflexible Psilons
Handicapping the brains with terrible diplomacy and serious research penalties.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Never Trust A Darlok
All the spying that you could ever want!

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Cyberpunk 2377 (Meklars)
The strangest map that I've ever seen in Master of Orion.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Snakes On A Spaceship
The complete opposite of the Cyberpunk game listed above.

RGP151's Sakkra Challenge
Responding to another challenge game posted at Realms Beyond.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Rock And Roll (Silicoids)
What you never want to see: runaway Psilons on the opposite side of the map.

Realms Beyond Orion Imperia

RBO10: Return to Glory

RBO11: Rise of the Triad

RBO12: Anti-Environmentalists

RBO14: Ursine Archaeologists

RBO36: Space Opera

RBO42: Life, The Universe, and Everything

RBO45: Mulligan's Luck

Succession Games

OSG14b: Cold Blooded Killers
We explore the use of bioweapons with the Sakkra in a Hard galaxy.

OSG20: Bearly In Motion
Taking the Bulrathi for a spin on Impossible... several different times!

OSG29A: The Charismatic Introverts
Playing as the Humans, no diplomacy with other races.


Why There Will Never Be Another Master of Orion
Pondering what makes MOO a great game.

Complete Master of Orion Record