FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a realtime strategy game with a space setting, in which your crew must survive a highly lethal trek to search out and destroy the rebel flagship. This game is highly randomized for each playthrough, and death is permanent for both crew and ship alike. Check out some of my more memorable voyages from this gem of an indie game on the pages below.

General Strategy

FTL: Introduction

FTL Tier List

FTL: Advanced Strategy

Hard Difficulty Written Reports

Kestrel A Cruiser | Kestrel B Cruiser | Kestrel C Cruiser

Engi A Cruiser | Engi B Cruiser | Engi C Cruiser

Federation A Cruiser | Federation B Cruiser | Federation C Cruiser

Zoltan A Cruiser | Zoltan B Cruiser | Zoltan C Cruiser

Mantis A Cruiser | Mantis B Cruiser | Mantis C Cruiser

Lanius A Cruiser | Lanius B Cruiser

Crystal A Cruiser | Crystal B Cruiser

Hard Difficulty Livestreams

Slug A Cruiser | Slug B Cruiser | Slug C Cruiser

Rock A Cruiser | Rock B Cruiser | Rock C Cruiser

Stealth A Cruiser | Stealth B Cruiser | Stealth C Cruiser

Extreme Challenge Runs
These are the weakest ships in FTL!

Federation C Cruiser | Zoltan C Cruiser | Engi B Cruiser

Rock A Cruiser | Stealth C Cruiser | Slug B Cruiser

Other Variant Runs
Achievements and miscellaneous random stuff

Living Off the Land

No Oxygen Run (Lanius A)