The Four Light Yordles

One of the games that I hadn't featured on Livestream was the original Final Fantasy. While I was still job searching, I decided that I would do a full playthrough of this game for anyone who wasn't familiar with the first game in the Final Fantasy series. I went with a normal non-variant group because it seemed like it would be more fun than a challenge party which would be restarting and redoing areas over and over. To demonstrate the gameplay of this old classic, I opted for a strong mixed group with a Fighter, a Red Mage, a White Mage, and a Black Mage. That's a very good party in FF1, with the Black Mage being the only real weak class in the bunch. In the hands of an experienced player, this group would have little difficulty clearing their way through this challenging old school quest.

For a naming scheme, I decided that I would use League of Legends champions for each party member. And instead of normal League champions, I would use only yordles, the diminutive characters who were designed to maximize the cuteness factor. Teemo would be our Fighter, the quintessential yordle champion manning the frontlines. I named our Red Mage after Tristana, since Trist has traditionally been playable as both an AD and AP champion, and that fits well with the dual role of the Red Mage class. Our White Mage would be named after Lulu, the one yordle support champion (although Lulu's been played just as often as a utility mage in mid or top lanes). Finally, obviously the Black Mage would have to be dubbed Veigar, since Veigar is literally a Black Mage within League's lore as well. I made the names fit as best as they could within the four-character restriction, and off we went.

All of the Twitch recordings are listed below for easy reference. The gameplay is pretty straightforward for a veteran of the original Final Fantasy, but there's a lot of mechanics discussion about how all of the systems within the game work. Or how they *DON'T* work, to be more precise! I think the most commonly uttered statement during this run was "____ system is bugged in this game and doesn't work." It's pretty incredibly how nearly everything in the game doesn't work properly, or does something completely different from what was intended. What can I say, this was a Famicom game made in 1987. It's amazing the thing works at all. Enjoy.

Part One: Beginning to Marsh Cave

Part Two: Marsh Cave to Melmond

Part Three: Earth Cave

Part Four: Midgame Troika

Part Five: Sea Shrine and Floating Castle

Part Six: Final Dungeon