Final Fantasy Page

This page is devoted to classic Final Fantasy games for the NES and SNES; anyone looking for newer Final Fantasies is in the wrong place. This is similarly not a strategy page; such info can be found elsewhere. But I encourage you to grab a chair, sit down, and listen to some wild and wacky variant tales from wonderful old games.

Final Fantasy on Four White Mages
A romp through this classic old game using four white mages and considerable spell restrictions.

Final Fantasy: Solo Black Belt Style
I return again to the old game using only a single black belt and some fists of fury.

Solo Black Mage: Magic Conquers All
Still one character; less punching, more magic.

The Tale of the Iron Fists: Idolizers of Solo
What would happen if a group of non-Black Belts all tried to fight like Black Belts?

Berserkers on the Loose! The Armorless Variant
All offense, all the time.

Living Off the Land
No shops, use only what you can find along the journey.

Low-Level Challenge
Running the game at the lowest level possible!

The Four Light Yordles
Non-variant game done on Livestream.

Berserkers: The Armorless Variant Renaissance
Full report finally tackling the Berserkers variant after all these years.

Solo White Mage: The Power of Hope
It had to be played eventually: the solo White Mage variant.

Solo Thief: Always Be Grindin'
The actual hardest solo class in the original Final Fantasy.

Solo Cecil: Bam! Straight to the Moon
A lonely romp through Final Fantasy 4.

The Return of Solo | Solo Monk Revisited
Bringing the two-fisted kung fu action to Final Fantasy 5.

Back in Black
Everyone loves the explosive magics and the funky hat.

Solo Reports: Melee Jobs
Samurai | Hunter | Knight | Dragoon

Solo Reports: Melee Jobs #2
Ninja | Mystic Knight | Bare (Default) | Mimic

Solo Reports: Casting Jobs
Blue Mage | Summoner | Time Mage | Red Mage

Solo Reports: Oddball Jobs
Dancer | Beastmaster | Chemist | Geomancer

Solo Reports: The Insanity Challenges
Bard | Thief | White Mage (T-Hawk) | Berserker

Solo Reports: The Gameboy Advance Jobs
Gladiator | Cannoneer | Necromancer | Oracle

Final Fantasy 5: Solo Class Tier List
Special Section: Omega and Shinryuu

Ironcore Team Variant
Complete the game on one party life without dying.

Four Job Fiesta
Full game Livestream as part of the Four Job Fiesta charity event.

Four Job Fiesta 2015
Another full game on Livestream for the same event, this time with a non-magical party.

Four Job Fiesta 2017
Back for another Fiesta run, this one with Pure Chaos format.

Four Job Fiesta 2020: The Rejects
The leftover classes that nobody else wanted to use.