Four Job Fiesta 2017


I did not take part in the Four Job Fiesta in 2016 due to general lack of time. For the following year in 2017, I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to start up Livestreaming once again. I had been out of the habit for the previous few months due to first taking part in a Play By Email Game for Civ6, and then going through a laborious move into a new appartment. I was finally settled into the new place right when the Four Job Fiesta started up, and it was a nice opportunity to do some low-stress Livestreaming in a relaxed environment. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta is a charity event for the Child's Play group. It raises thousands of dollars each year by challenging players to complete all sorts of different job setups for Final Fantasy 5, and given all the solo games that I've reported on this website, I'm a natural fit for the event.

This year, I decided to pick the "Pure Chaos" setup. This variant removes all of the other rules and allows each of the four characters to roll any job in the entire game. I wound up with the Samurai for Bartz, the Geomancer for Lenna, the Dragoon for Galuf/Cara, and the Hunter or Ranger depending on your translation for Faris. This was a very powerful setup, with access to two of the strongest abilities in the whole game with GilToss and X-Fight. Either one of the Samurai or Hunter jobs can easily be played solo and still crush all opponents. I opted once again to use the "Natural" setup here, with each of the characters remaining with a single assigned job instead of swapping them back and forth. I had a powerful enough party without giving multiple characters the Samurai's natural evade and the Hunter's X-Fight twinkery.

I named the Bartz character "Chaos" to match the theme of the run, and that was an apt description of the gameplay that ensued. By using the "All Jobs" emulator cheat to open up all of the jobs immediately from the start of the game, I had access to some highly random abilities throughout the course of the run. The Hunter's use of the Animal command dominated the early levels, with Squirrels and Bee Swarms putting up excellent damage in the opening few dungeons. Lenna also made use of the Geomancer's Terrain abilities, which was equally random depending on the geographic location where battles were fought. Bartz and Galuf were relatively underpowered until they were able to get their hands on some weapons that their classes could actually equip, although I did fall back on GilToss in a few especially difficult battles like Byblos and Sol Cannon. In the second world, the randomness continued with frequent use of the Dancing Dagger. The real surprise of this run was the usefulness of the Geomancer class, which was often putting out as much or more damage as the other characters. Eventually the brokenness of X-Fight plus Chicken Knife took over in the third world, but even against Neo Exdeath, when GilToss was doing 2500 damage to all enemies, Gale Cut from the Geomancer was right there doing 1500 damage to everyone. Not a wasted class at all for this particular playthrough.

If you're read all of the solo reports, there's nothing particularly crazy that takes place on this run. Just a nice entertaining journey with a lot of fun back-and-forth with the Livestream chat. I've linked the five recordings below for ease of watching. Thanks again to the viewers for making this such a great experience.

Livestream Links

First Session (Beginning to Byblos)

Second Session (Crescent to the Big Bridge)

Third Session (Rugor to Forest of Mua)

Fourth Session (Exdeath's Castle to Solitary Island Shrine)

Fourth Session (Fork Tower to Final Dungeon)