Assorted DDR Pictures

So anyway, after I started to get some decent scores at the various different DDR games, I realized that I should really start taking some pictures to serve as a better record of my accomplishments. After all, anyone can write down scores on a webpage and even make them up (though I'm not sure what the point would be, who would you really be impressing?) but a picture is worth a thousand words. When I achieved a "AAA" on Burnin the Floor Momo Mix (one of my favorite songs and my favorite "AAA" to date), I was moved enough to run out and buy a disposal camera down the street at CVS so that I would have a record of it. I later received a real (digital) camera as a birthday gift, and most of my pictures date from after that (it should be pretty obvious which pictures were with the cheap disposal one). Collected here are some of the best, worst, and most random moments I've come across while playing DDR.

By the way - there's a separate page for the "AAA"s. Don't think I left them out or anything.

There's a picture of my DDR setup in my apartment, taken with the old camera. (You also get a good idea of where I live, heh.) Pretty decent TV and sound system, along with a Cobalt Flux pad (not cheap). I also have my Chick-fil-A cow that I picked up as a souvenir at the 2003 Peach Bowl - a game where the University of Maryland destroyed Tennessee - sitting on top of the TV in all of these pictures. The cow identifies which pictures are mine, as opposed to some random person's on the Internet. And I took the picture when I had a "AAA" on the screen as well.

Here's an early photo of the big daddy, Maxx Unlimited. This remains the ONLY time I've ever gotten an "A" on the song in dozens and dozens of tries (yeah, I don't play the 10s much - I can't read 1x to save my life). I do love Maxx Unlimited, but it's a monster, I tell you. Just about the only song where I can get over 100 Greats and 13 Misses, and have THAT be my best score ever!

If you want to talk about obscure songs though... Flash in the Night has never been released on any US console version; the only time it has ever appeared in DDR at all is in the arcade version of 6th Mix and the Japanese version of DDRMax. And yet - this is one of the HARDEST songs I've ever played. Damned hard. I rate Flash in the Night, Burning Heat, and Cartoon Heroes as easily the three toughest 9-footers in all of the DDR games. Still looking for a full combo on this one, lucky to do as well as I did. This is just about the only non- 10-footer I haven't conquered yet.

If there's another problematic 9-footer that I still haven't completely grasped yet, it just might be Burning Heat. This is still my best on this one - stupid 6/8 song! I actually went back and downloaded Gradius II, just so that I could listen to the original NES music that this song is drawn from. Pretty cool stuff; I miss the MIDI era sometimes. I need to go back and practice Burning Heat some more.

This is the Transcendence Nonstop course from DDRMax2 USA. It's not a particularly hard course, but it's hard to argue with only 21 Greats in 2285 steps (that's an overall Dance Point percentage of 99.67%) or the 2429 step combo.

This just shows that I've "AAA"ed all of the Paranoias in DDR Extreme - aside from the 10-footers, of course. It was a lot of work, frankly!

One of my goals with DDR SuperNOVA was to see if I could "AAA" all of the "yellow" licensed songs at the beginning of the song wheel. At first that seemed like a far-fetched idea, but as I worked my way closer to it, I really began to pursue the idea in earnest. Finally, with "AAA" #154 (the Challenge steps to Heaven is a Place on Earth), I managed to get them all. Here's what that looked like:

Every song in the Heavy (Expert) and Challenge categories has a perfect score. And no, I don't have "AAA"s for the Light and Standard steps except where I got them during unlock missions. Not going to waste time monkeying around down there!

How many "AAA"s is 200? See for yourself:

That's a shrunken-down photo of the folder on my hard drive where I store them all. I didn't realize myself how many I had until I went back and looked at them again. I will say that I rather like this photo though...

So, how easy is it to get those "AAA"s? Well, look at some of the following pictures and judge for yourself...

I REALLY wanted that last one. Do You Remember Me is NOT an easy song. Argh. I was kicking myself for days over that one.

Then we have the case of Sobakasu Freckles...

The first time I play the song, I get 1 Great on it, for a Black Flag. Then I try the song again, and get 1 MISS on the song, which I think is a Red Flag (?) And consider my "experiences" trying to "AAA" songs like Destiny:

Three straight "AAA" attempts, each with exactly 1 Great! I tell you, I WISH I could do this on purpose. You can't make this stuff up. Look, if anyone tells you it's "easy" to get "AAA"s, they are LYING. I get a half dozen songs with 3, 2, or 1 Greats for every "AAA" that I do manage to put up. Of course, I DID get both of these, and fairly early on too - but it just goes to show how frustrating things can be sometimes.

Just to conclude on a positive (but frustrating!) note, here's my best score on my favorite song, Healing Vision Angelic Mix:

This is just such a cool song, from the slow scrollup to the first note, to the full stop (for one beat!) 2/3 of the way through the song, to the 130-note run into the end of the song. I love it. My best run produced the fantastic score of 1 Great - but at the same time, to miss the "AAA" by 1 Great... argh! I'm going to HAVE to get this one eventually, or it'll haunt me forever.

The next page is specifically for "AAA" photos and commentary.