Nightmare Act Three

Aside from Act 4, which is a bit of a special case, Act 3 is the shortest of the areas in Diablo II. There simply aren't as many optional areas to go through when full-clearing a path through the game. We cleared out Act 3 Nightmare in a relatively short period of time (although definitely not one session!) and so as a result I again don't have very many pictures from this Act. I can only assume in retrospect that the going was relatively smooth.

Here are some of the jungle mobs. One thing I do recall is that we drew an all-midgets Flayer Jungle, which led to scenes like the one above. This was a good situation to chill/freeze the flayers and let Alan and Jaffa's hydras finish them off. Although it's not shown in this picture, Dathon also dropped a lot of meteors on crowds like this. Threat level was relatively low when trekking through the jungles.

Down in the Spider Cavern with old "Buy-A-Vowel." As you can see in the picture, Sszark has the boss combo of Extra Strong/Cursed/Mana Burn, one of the absolute worst possible for a Blue Rogue, so Jaffa is putting himself in mortal peril here. I'm pretty sure that Jaffa is smacking Sszark with a Prevent Monster Heal throwing axe; somewhere around this point in time, Jaffa and Hawkmoon began carrying PMH weapons and did yeoman work in removing the monster regeneration for the rest of us.

Then again, maybe Jaffa's just attacking normally here too. That's why we love him.

Here's Endugu at the bottom of the Flayer Dungeon; his Spectral Hit extra boss ability was not particularly dangerous. Pinned in the corner, he has nowhere to run now. Looks like someone was using a weapon that cursed Endugu too. Also notice all the Khalim's Hearts lying on the ground from the opened treasure chest!

The Kurast Sewers had some interesting boss fights, but this battle with a Horadrim Ancient is the only picture I have. The champ has clearly been pinned at this point, and the Rogues are firing from many different angles. Just an example of a typical fight played out over and over again.

Well here we are fighting the Council Members already! As I said, not many pictures from this act to pick from. We had already taken out Toorc by firing through the windows at him in Travincal. Then Geleb was lured out and dealt with; he ran all the way back to the high ground in the middle of the temple city. It looks like Geleb is partially stunlocked here from the arrows; he's about to pop in any case.

Ismail is the last of the Council Members to go down in Travincal. The Rogues have him cornered and stunlocked - game over. The only danger now is avoiding his Fire Enchanted Corpse Explosion on death.

The first three Council Members weren't all that dangerous; they were isolated and taken down one at a time. Bremm may have been nerfed to some degree in the last Diablo II patch, but he was running wild here. I count two bodies on the ground already, and I think we lost some more Rogues before this fight was over. The reason why you can only see Bremm's toes is because Svava is staying as far away from him as possible! Sparkfist was finally cornered over by the stairs and brought down after a difficult battle.

Firing Squad! After taking care of Wyand, we headed back and dealt with Maffer here. Poor guy is completely stunlocked; this is one of the few good pictures I have of all 8 Rogues firing their bows in unison. All of those boss abilities are useless - this fight is already over. Fun stuff.

I don't have any pictures of the fight against Mephisto, unfortunately. He completely tore up the Rogues, mixing up the Cold Shot and his new Blizzard ability to devastating effect. I learned first-hand that Svava could, in fact, take a Cold Shot and survive. Some of the other Rogues had less cold resistance and were not so lucky. Nasty battle, many blood-curtling sorcie death screams. I promise to get a picture of Mephisto when we fight him again in Hell.

On to Act 4 and the land of fire resistance.