Welcome to my Diablo 2 page. This section is devoted to variant characters of all sorts, characters who are underpowered or trying out unusual combinations of skills. With time, there should be information on both solo characters and team variants. Diablo shall beware the crippled variant!

Solo Characters

Meatbag the Defiant

Skulla: Summoning Necromancer

Winnie & Pooh Bear

Kell: Master of Skeletal Warriors

Bearly Visible

Lernie: Mistress of Hydras

Corvus The Ravenlord


Team Variants

Rogue Revival Team

Nature's Cabal Team

Low Rent Legion

Special Link - Sirian's Diablo II Page

Sirian's Diablo 2 page has sadly gone offline but is preserved via the Internet Wayback Machine. Go read those character reports right now!