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Single-Player Chronicles: Solo Games and Tournaments

This section contains the records of my Single-Player games. That includes Solo Games, Tournament Games, and anything else that doesn't fall under the category of group activity. This is where the games from the Realms Beyond Epics and Adventures will be stored.

Solo Games

Spreading the Faith

Some Like It Hot: Montezuma, Emperor

A Cold Doctrine: Religious Russia

Kongo One City Challenge

American Tourist Paradise

Baray King Bad: Religious Khmer

Poland Can Into Space

The No District Challenge: Deity Space Race

YouTube Video Playthrough: The Museums of Mansa Musa

YouTube Video Playthrough: Phoenician Pirates

Tournament Games

Realms Beyond Adventure One: Potluck

Realms Beyond Adventure Two: The Moon and the Stars

Realms Beyond Epic One: The Honorable Wonderful French

CivFanatics Game of the Month 06