Links to Other Civ5 Websites

These are other quality websites related to Civilization 5. No matter what interests you, these are Civ5 resources that should prove useful.

This is a link to the official site for Civ5. You can order the game, download any patches that might come out, and in general find out more information about the game. Any fansite should incude the link to the game's official site...

CivFanatics is the best source for general information on Civilization 5 anywhere on the Internet, and its forums provide a easy place to discuss the game with like-minded people. With over 50,000 registered members, it's easy to find others with common interests to discuss various game issues or join with in succession games. It's worth anyone's time to check it out.

This is a link to Realms Beyond Civilization, the group that runs the Epics competition games. RBCiv is a friendly group of Civilization players who believe more in comparing stories and swapping tales rather than trying to score the most points or find the fastest way to kill the computer AI. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our group, regardless of skill level. I spent most of my Civ3 time talking with others here, since they had a similar philosophy and approach to the game, and then even more time with this same group for Civ4, including several long-running Multiplayer games. This is the best place to find wacky variant games of Civ5, some of which you'll have to see to believe...

T-Hawk has a new website for Civ5, detailing some of the fastest-finishing Science and Cultural victories that you'll ever see. Highly recommended reading for anyone who enjoys Civ5!

Here is a link to Carl's Civilization 5 Strategy Guide, one of the best resources on the Internet for additional information about the game. From basic reference information to sample walkthroughs of gameplay, this is another excellent website worth checking out.