Civilization 3 Games

This section details almost all of the games I have ever played. They range across every difficulty, map setting, and nearly every civ. Read on, so that you can learn from both my triumphs and mistakes.

When I posted my Walkthrough for Civ4, the resulting flood of traffic far surpassed anything that I expected, leading to a crash of Sirp (my webhost)'s server. Unfortunately, everything stored on his server was wiped clean when it was reset afterwards. While I had all of the html files for my reports stored locally on my own computer, many of the pictures that I used for my Civ3 reports were permanently lost in the server crash. Ironically, my earlier reports still stored at geocities survived untouched. I also still have records of my last two games, and several of my early solo games. All the links for my Succession Games remain here as well. Fortunately, I've been able to recover many (although not all) of these lost images using the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. I've restored as much of the Civ3 section as I can to the website, doing the Internet equivalent of an archaeological dig. The Civ3 reports were largely offline from 2006 to 2016 - that's a long time. But now the old reports live again on the new web hosting!

Also, for anyone who's wondering what the deal is with all the crazy colors, I originally wrote my reports in the color of the civilization used in that game. It was an idea that didn't work too well in practice, especially for civs like Germany's dark blue. I've left the original colors intact here on the menu screen, while mercifully changing the actual report text into an easier on the eyes normal shade of white.

Recent Competition Games

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Succession Games: Civ3 Team Play

Succession games are team games in which each player plays a few turns (usually 10 or 20) and then passes off to the next player
in the rotation. All links here are to the CivFanatics thread for each game.

Japanese Succession Game
My first ever succession game, which never finished due to lack of interest. It was on Regent, with a very tough starting location (no fresh water).

SUL1 - The Zulu Navy!!!
The first succession game I founded, the goal was to play with naval combat on a tiny archipelago map. Instead, we won a conquest victory in 930AD. I guess I should have made it a variant game of some kind to prevent that. This was my highest score in the HOF for a long time.

SUL2 - IamSPARTACUS' Boatless Journey
This game was a Monarch one with the Iroquois on a variant map where there was no water, and the land stretched in all directions. Could have been cool, but we made some bad decisions and the game ended up just dragging out forever. Another one that never finished, I'm sorry to say.

RBD23b: The Competitors
RBD23 was a prelude of sorts to the Epics, a competition of three SG teams on the same map. Specs were Japanese, Monarch, and small archipelago. My "b" team came in second with a domination win in 1485AD. First time I was able to spend a lot of time talking with really good players, notably Sirian.

SUL3: Sullla's Training Day Game
This was my training day game, a game in which I guided three other players through a Regent game as the "veteran" player. We played as the Russians (random selection) on a standard pangea. The game was called around 900AD when it was clear we had the game won.

RBD12 v2.0 - Roman Conquest!
This was a conquest-only game in which we were the Romans on a custom-designed tiny archipelago map with EIGHT civs (Monarch difficulty). This game stands out in my memory as the one in which we had the worst luck ever with culture flips. Conquest victory in 1595AD.

SUL4: Training Day for Emperors
This game was the next step beyond SUL3: a training game played on Emperor. I spent a lot of time working on it, and it remains a very special game for me. Needless to say, we crushed our enemies in a very well played game and won a domination victory in 1340AD. If you are new to Civ3, READ this thread! I gave a lot of really good advice in here, and it's more than worth your time.

LK25 - Emperor, Babylon
This was a fairly routine succession game played with the Babylonians on Emperor. I played in it mostly to help convince LKendter that Emperor was something he could handle with ease (which proved very true). Domination victory in 1465AD.

RBE DSG1 - The Uncanny X-Men
This was the first of the Realms Beyond Emperor Deity Succession Games. We were the Persians, playing a Domination-only game on a large pangea map. Difficulty was Deity, of course. The game went very smoothly with no real doubt to the outcome. Domination achieved in 1480AD, 7942 points.

RBE3 - This Space Available For Rent
This succession game involved playing as the Chinese under the Honorable Rules used for Realms Beyond Civ's Epic1 tournament game. It was fairly uneventful except for a late Middle Ages war that was mildly effective. Diplomatic Victory in 1470AD, 4867 points.

SUL5a - Competing Succession Game Teams
My current succession game is a revival of the concept behind the RBE23 competition game. There are two separate teams playing with no idea what the other team is doing. The game is on Warlord difficulty with the English as the civ on a map I customzied; I am not actually playing but instead advising the "A" team. A has since finished, and we are now awaiting the completion of the B game.

RBE DSG4 - Beyond Deity
This one was a doozy. Since Deity wasn't "hard enough" anymore, we played a Beyond Deity game with the AI cost factor set to 50%. To give us a chance, we played as the Egyptians, who have IMO the best civ traits. The result was a spaceship victory in 1535AD in a superbly well-played game by all members. We would have launched even earlier without the higher cost factor; score was 6076 points.

RBP4 - The Roman Menagerie
This was a fun variant game, exploring a strange concept proposed by a number of people in the past. The basic concept was to play a game in which all civs have access to all unique units (UUs) at all times. This was a PTW game on Emperor difficulty, with the goal of some sort of conquest-related victory. The result from the highly skilled team that played with me was a domination victory in 1470AD, 5709 points.

RBE6 - The Naked Vikings
This was a very difficult succession game that I took up the challenge of playing. Our goal was to win on Deity with no civ traits or unique unit (thus the "naked" tag). We drew a pretty tough start, and began in an enormous hole, down eight cities to one versus our nearest neighbor. But the team grinded out a tough victory in the end, winning by space race in 1754AD with a measly 3906 points.

RBD19 - The Return of Big Brother
This game went beyond the concept of "strange" into the truly absurd. We adopted the first civ we met as "Little Brother" and the goal was follow a set of rules to ensure that our brother launches a spaceship first. That's right, our goal was to LOSE this game! Since the Little Brother we found was Xerxes, the game turned out to be easier than we thought; the biggest challenge at the end was preventing Little Brother from winning via domination. We "lost" in 1705AD to a Persian spaceship.

RBP9 - Old School Deity
This game was my attempt to recreate the extremely fast tech pace of the old Deity games. We ended up crammed onto a small, jungle-infested island with the Zulus, but persevered due to Greece's hoplites and some incredible rounds of trading. The result was an almost-impossibly early 960AD diplomatic victory (7715 points). One of my favorite succession games, excellent play from all involved.

EG2 - Xenocide and the Speakers for the Dead
This is a very different kind of succession game being played out with only two players, Speaker and myself. Although our goal is a conquest-only victory against Deity opponents, the real focus of the game is on writing short stories after each turn. The civ is once again our friend the Mongols and Ghengis Khan Temujin from Epic 21. You can follow our literary ambitions by clicking on the link above.