Realms Beyond Epic 8: Potluck Surprise! I Am Player 007

RBCiv's Eighth Competition game was an Emperor one on a standard pangea map. The twist? Each of the players would have a random civ chosen from the eight on the map, making for some wild comparisons between games! My civ? Never mind me, I'm just Player 007 off on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's secret service....

Editor's Note: The Epic 8 report is in the worst shape out of all my Civ3 content. Only a handful of the images have survived, and their lack makes it difficult to follow the action. It's a darn shame, as this was on the short list of my favorite Civ3 games that I played. In any case, I've posted the report but fair warning to readers that it's rather scant going.

4000BC     Personality Crisis: Who the Bloody Hell Am I?
1990BC     Diamonds (Gold) Are Forever
950BC       Licensed to Kill
110AD       Live and Let Die
650AD       The World Is Not Enough (Well OK, Maybe It Is)
990AD       Jolly Good Show, Player 007!