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It's been some time since I was able to post an update here on the front page of the website. For anyone who hadn't heard, my gaming laptop suffered a hard disk failure at the end of March and it took almost a month to get it repaired in the shop. Fortunately I was able to recover almost all of the files on there between my external harddrive, information that had been uploaded to YouTube or my website's server, and the stuff that the repair store was able to recover. I spent the last week getting everything back to normal (since the new harddrive essentially functioned like a blank computer) and we should be back and running now at full speed.

There's been plenty of updates to the website during the last three months that I'll call attention to here. In the Civilization section, I've continued posting more alternate histories to the main Season Six page and we're getting closer to the end of the season with the alternate histories for the playoffs. I also completed a Single Player Civ4 game on Livestream featuring Mansa Musa on Immortal difficulty which should have a writeup posted in the new few days. Here's the YouTube playlist for the moment. Much of my gaming time has been spent with Teamfight Tactics and I've added some more written articles as we approach the end of the current set. I wrote my traditional retrospective for Set 6.5 and unfortunately it wasn't nearly as positive as the report for the first half of the set. The developers prioritized making as many changes as possible over making smart changes that improved the gameplay and thus the set was a total mess for most of its length. We'll see if they can do better in Set Seven. Then I also wrote a separate article detailing the Seven Bad Habits of Newcomer TFT Players in an attempt to help people who might be learning the game for the first time. This is more of an evergreen article which should always remain relevant regardless of the set taking place at the moment.

Elsewhere, we completed our Diablo 2 team variant featuring the Low Rent Legion and I wrote up the whole thing to save it for posterity. A bunch of the other players wrote restrospectives for their own characters which I highly encourage checking out to get some different perspectives on the event. I was having enough fun playing Diablo 2 to start my own Hydra-based Sorceress character in Single Player which I've started writing up; we'll see how long it takes me to complete her journey. While I was effectively working in exile on our home desktop computer, I used that time to finish up with the solo Primrose character for Octopath Traveler. I had done the first part of that report last year and had a lot of fun playing through the other three chapters of this unique character. Finally, the Travel section of the website contains a writeup of the short trip that we took to Austin, Texas back in March when Liz had a work convention and I tagged along as a tourist. I also visited San Antonio on that trip but that writeup was unrecoverable from the old harddrive and I'm in the process of redoing the report again (argh!) That's a ton of writing that I've put together in recent months and there's more stuff coming down the pipeline now that Rogue Legacy 2 has officially been released. There should be plenty of new content for readers to enjoy.

Finally time for me to update the front page with some news on the recent additions to the website. A lot of my recent writing has gone to updating the weekly results of our Low Rent Legion team variant for Diablo 2. We've made it into Hell difficulty at this point and it's been a ton of fun; we should need another month or two to make it through the rest of the game. I've also been spending a bunch of time with Teamfight Tactics and recording a lot of videos for YouTube since a visual format works better for that particular game. Set Six of Teamfight Tactics is about to hit its midset update so I wrote up my usual reflections looking back at the first half of the set. This has been an excellent set and my retrospective is highly positive as a result. Elsewhere, I've continued to post additional alternate histories for Season Six of Civ4 AI Survivor as they get finished. The opening round of games is just about done and then we'll dig into the Wildcard and playoff games to see how things might have played out differently. Finally, I finished writing about the vacation that Liz and I took to the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. If you happen to enjoy the travel writing on the website there are a couple of additional pages there to dig through.

It's the start of another month and time to update the front page with a list of the recent additions to the website. The most noteworthy new reports are probably the ones that I've added to the Humankind portion of the website. There's a writeup for the Mansa Musa game that I played on Livestream, a game that stood out for having one of the worst starting positions imaginable. Then yesterday I posted another offline Humankind game in which I played as the Harappans and never switched to another culture. This one was a lot of fun and I think that I finally have a firm grasp on all of the core mechanics in Humankind. Elsewhere on the website, I fulfilled my goal of finishing the writeup for our Galapagos trip before heading off on our next vacation. The Galapagos pictures are particularly heavy on wildlife photos so feel free to hop over to the Travel portion of the website if that sounds interesting. Finally, we're continuing the weekly sessions for our Low Rent Legion Diablo 2 team variant which has reached Nightmare difficulty at this point, and I've been uploading a lot of videos for Teamfight Tactics on YouTube recently. It turns out that Set Six of TFT is actually pretty good after the design team abandoned the previous set to spend more time working on it. I'll be out on vacation next week and then back for the rest of the holiday season. Enjoy!

There's a couple updates that have been added to the website in the last few weeks. The biggest was a full tutorial game for Humankind, the new empire-building strategy game from Amplitude Studios. I've been playing this game on Livestream for a few weeks and wanted to provide an explanatory writeup on how the gameplay works. It's linked from the main page of the website and I'll probably build that out into a full Humankind section down the road as I spend more time with the game. We also started up with weekly Diablo 2 games for the Low Rent Legion variant team and I'm keeping track of what takes place here on the website. Nothing too crazy thus far in Normal difficulty but things are sure to get harder / more interesting with time. Elsewhere, with Set Five coming to a close for Teamfight Tactics, I wrote up my thoughts in another editorial piece about what took place. Set Five was largely a failure even though I spent a lot of time playing it and this is one of those opportunities to investigate what went wrong from a design perspective. Set Six of TFT looks promising although I have no idea right now if I'll end up playing more of it. I also continue to release new alternate histories for Season Six of Civ4 AI Survivor with the most recent alternate history (for Game Three) added a few days ago. Finally, I'm also plugging away at writing the travel reports for our Galapagos trip from the summer. I'm about halfway through the process right now which can be read over in the Travel section. There should be a lot of content there to enjoy so happy reading!

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