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Welcome to the last front page update for the year 2020. There's been a number of updates posted to the website over the last two months but the biggest focus has been the YouTube channel recently. I've been posting a series of Teamfight Tactics videos from the game's current Set Four; here's a link to the playlist where I've been organizing them. This has been an entertaining set for Teamfight Tactics and I'm planning on typing up some written reflections when it comes to an end in a few weeks. The Civ Fridays series has also continued and I typed up a summary for the most recent game to finish, The Book of Kells: Religious Celts. If you're curious about seeing some religious gameplay in Civ4 this is a good series to watch. I also played and streamed a lot of the game Hades in the finishing months of 2020, enough that I typed up my impressions for the website while they were still fresh. This one is linked under the Miscellaneous section or directly right here. Finally, I also completed the Ophilia solo game for Octopath Traveler and posted the final page of the report under the Octopath section of the website. Here's another link to the general Octopath section which contains all four parts of the written report.

One section of the website that hasn't been updated is the Travel section. Liz and I have been staying safe at home for the last ten months during the COVID pandemic and our big Christmas gift was an Oculus VR system. I'm hoping learn how to play Beatsaber and figure out how to stream it down the road. In any case, let's all hope that things will improve in 2021 and everyone can see family and friends once again in safety. We have a big vacation already pre-paid that I can't wait to experience and then write about for this website!

There were some gentle reminders from my Livestream chat today that I should update the front page and thereby prompted this post. Overall this has been a quiet time in terms of website updates as it's the busiest time of the year for my work. The main addition has been a series of Alternate History reports for some of the Season Five games of AI Survivor. They are about half a dozen of them at this point and they're all linked from the Civ4 AI Survivor Season Five main page. I also went ahead and put together a quick spot report for the Civ4 game that I finished on Livestream, Roman Seafarers on Immortal difficulty. This was a fun and surprisingly easy game where everything went more or less according to plan. The AI doesn't handle water maps especially well and I had a blast taking Julius Caesar out for a spin. I also started up a new Octopath Traveler solo game featuring Ophilia although when they will be finished is anyone's guess. Expect more regular updates once mid-November rolls around and the busiest time of the year is over for me.

I have a series of updates to the website to mention here on the front page that have been going up over the last six weeks. The biggest focus has been Season Five of AI Survivor which is rapidly approaching the championship match next week. The main page for Season Five sill has all of the relevant links associated with games past and present. We've been taking a look at some alternate history scenarios in the last few weeks, replays of the same map to see if the official matches were typical or weird flukes. Wyatan provided the inspiration for this project with a look at some of the Season Four games, and I've been adding his findings into the old writeups from last year as they take place. Here's one such example from Season Four Game One and there are more alternate history writeups being added as Wyatan continues to look at the old games. This interested me enough that I've been looking at some of the Season Five games using the same format; here's Season Five Playoff Game One for example. All of these new alternate history writeups are linked from the main AI Survivor page for easier access and visibility.

Elsewhere on the website, I finished up with solo Therion's journey in the Octopath Traveler section. Parts Four and Five (as well as the initial three parts) are all linked from the main Octopath Traveler page. I also ran a Final Fantasy 5 Four Jobs Fiesta party earlier this year and put together a stub of a page to collect the Livestream recordings in one place. If anyone is interested in that, the account of "The Rejects" can be found here. Finally, Rogue Legacy 2 has gone into Early Access this week and I've been featuring it on Livestream. The game is a long distance away from being finished (the currently Early Access version is basically an old Shareware demo) but I will very likely feature it on the website when it's ready. I got a ton of usage out of the original Rogue Legacy and I'm looking forward to exploring the sequel in more detail.

There are a couple of new additions to the website that I wanted to highlight today. The main focus at the moment is the ongoing progress of Civ4 AI Survivor Season Five, as we start to finish up with the opening round of matches and roll on towards the playoff round. The turnout for the picking contest and the Livestream viewers has been tremendous this year, as we hit 200 concurrent viewers for the first time last week - thank you everyone! Elsewhere, there's a major addition to the website today as I posted a writeup that I put together for the recent Civ6 PBEM17 Multiplayer game. This report runs to five parts as I use the game as a case study to examine both the new mechanics in the Gathering Storm expansion and a textbook example of how to snowball a game economically. Hopefully this should be a good read since there hasn't been much Civ6 content on the website recently. Finally, I've also begun a new Octopath Traveler solo character by posting the first part of Therion's game. Expect to see additional updates for Therion trickle out over the next few weeks onto the website.

We're halfway through the opening round of Civ4 AI Survivor at this point and it's been a tremendous success. The turnout has been even higher than last year, with a consistent 150 viewers for the Livestreams and close to 250 entries per game in the picking contest. This is where most of the time and energy for the website is going right now, and there's been a ton of updates on the Season Five main page as the games take place each week. The only other development in the last few weeks was finishing up with the Solo Runelord game for Octopath Traveler, which was a total blast and well worth checking out. If you're reading this, I hope you've been enjoying the AI Survivor games and that the rest of the season will continue going strong!

Civ4 AI Survivor is back! Season Five will be starting two weeks from this post on 29 May 2020 at noon EST. Check out this page which has links to all of the relevant information sources as well as previews for the first match. Good luck with your predictions for the contest and I hope to see a bunch of folks on the Livestream in two weeks!

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