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It's the start of another month and time to update the front page with a list of the recent additions to the website. The most noteworthy new reports are probably the ones that I've added to the Humankind portion of the website. There's a writeup for the Mansa Musa game that I played on Livestream, a game that stood out for having one of the worst starting positions imaginable. Then yesterday I posted another offline Humankind game in which I played as the Harappans and never switched to another culture. This one was a lot of fun and I think that I finally have a firm grasp on all of the core mechanics in Humankind. Elsewhere on the website, I fulfilled my goal of finishing the writeup for our Galapagos trip before heading off on our next vacation. The Galapagos pictures are particularly heavy on wildlife photos so feel free to hop over to the Travel portion of the website if that sounds interesting. Finally, we're continuing the weekly sessions for our Low Rent Legion Diablo 2 team variant which has reached Nightmare difficulty at this point, and I've been uploading a lot of videos for Teamfight Tactics on YouTube recently. It turns out that Set Six of TFT is actually pretty good after the design team abandoned the previous set to spend more time working on it. I'll be out on vacation next week and then back for the rest of the holiday season. Enjoy!

There's a couple updates that have been added to the website in the last few weeks. The biggest was a full tutorial game for Humankind, the new empire-building strategy game from Amplitude Studios. I've been playing this game on Livestream for a few weeks and wanted to provide an explanatory writeup on how the gameplay works. It's linked from the main page of the website and I'll probably build that out into a full Humankind section down the road as I spend more time with the game. We also started up with weekly Diablo 2 games for the Low Rent Legion variant team and I'm keeping track of what takes place here on the website. Nothing too crazy thus far in Normal difficulty but things are sure to get harder / more interesting with time. Elsewhere, with Set Five coming to a close for Teamfight Tactics, I wrote up my thoughts in another editorial piece about what took place. Set Five was largely a failure even though I spent a lot of time playing it and this is one of those opportunities to investigate what went wrong from a design perspective. Set Six of TFT looks promising although I have no idea right now if I'll end up playing more of it. I also continue to release new alternate histories for Season Six of Civ4 AI Survivor with the most recent alternate history (for Game Three) added a few days ago. Finally, I'm also plugging away at writing the travel reports for our Galapagos trip from the summer. I'm about halfway through the process right now which can be read over in the Travel section. There should be a lot of content there to enjoy so happy reading!

September is finished and with it the busiest month of the year for my working schedule. I've started adding a bit more content to the website over the last week and the biggest addition comes in the form of new Diablo 2 content thanks to the release of D2: Resurrected last week. There's a new team variant called the Low Rent Legion which will be launching next week on the Friday Livestream, and then I have a low-pressure solo character named Bearly Visible which I've been having fun running in offline mode. D2R looks fantastic in terms of the visuals and the gameplay is exactly as solid as ever so expect to see more content in this area over the upcoming months. Elsewhere, I've also been running more of the new civ-style game Humankind on Livestream and I think that I have a good grasp of the mechanics by this point. I'd like to write up a sample game to walk readers through Humankind though I'm not sure when I'll have the time at present. Hopefully in the near future. I've also been slowly adding more alternate histories entires for Civ4 AI Survivor, with the most recent one involving Game Two. Expect to see a new entry every few weeks as I run through the replays of each map. Finally, I'm also working through the process of writing up our Galapagos trip for the Travel portion of the website. The first part is finished already and I want to get as much writing done as possible while the memories are still fresh in my head. There's a lot on the to-do list and we'll see how much I manage to complete.

Happy Labor Day here in the United States! The Civ4 AI Survivor series concluded Season Six a few weeks ago and I've posted the Conclusions page with some finishing thoughts on the action. Over the next few months I'll be working on the Alternate Histories as we do a deeper dive on the individual matches to see what outcomes were most likely to take place. The first such alternate history for Game One has already been posted and I'll try to keep them coming every few weeks. The other noteworthy event was the vacation trip that Liz and I took to the Galapagos in the month of August. I showcased some of the pictures on Livestream and uploaded the recording to YouTube; follow this link to check it out. The full writeup for the website is another project that I'll be working on over the next few months. Unfortunately this is the busiest time of the year for my work schedule and updates will be slow for the next few weeks. There's a good chance that I won't be able to Livestream on a few of the upcoming Fridays because I'll have to be putting in some overtime hours. In any case, on most weeks I'll continue streaming and we've been having a lot of fun with the new civ-style game Humankind and the not-so-new game Darkest Dungeon. The remastered version of Diablo 2 is also releasing in a few weeks; more to come on plans for that game once it drops. Have a great September!

It's been a busy few months running the Civ4 AI Survivor competition and we're about to finish with Season Six. The Championship game will be taking place on this upcoming Friday and then the AI leaders will head back into storage for another year until we bring back the feature again. As always, the Season Six main page has all of the details and will also contain our retrospective conclusions / alternate histories once the season concludes. I haven't written much else for the website in recent weeks since most of my gaming time has been devoted to AI Survivor, however there's one new feature on the website under the Octopath Traveler section. I've started running through Primrose's solo journey and the first part has been posted here. There's also a travel report from a few weeks back about our trip to Mississippi which might interest some of you to read. Liz and I will be going on vacation after the end of the AI Survivor season and then my work tends to get busy again in the fall but I'll do my best to keep the front page updated with any new content that goes up on the website. I hope that folks have enjoyed this season of the AI competition!

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