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Recent Updates

The time has finally arrived: Civ4 AI Survivor is back for Season Eight! Well, in a couple more weeks anyway, but the setup for the new season is already well underway. The leader draw kicks off next week on 10 May and the fantasy draft auction takes place two weeks after that before things kick off in full with Game One on 31 May. Click here for the official Season Eight page with all of the full details. This will be keeping me busy for the immediate future, but I will mention elsewhere that I've been recording YouTube video content for Teamfight Tactics Season Eleven (which unfortunately hasn't turned out to be a particularly good set). And elsewhere I was finally able to write up some of my recent Travel reports, covering the Vietnam portion of last year's trip overseas, and then the April 2024 Total Eclipse that crossed over North America. I need to finish up with the South Korea portion before we head out to the United Kingdom later this summer and add more to the travel backlog!

Saint Patrick's Day is here and with it a long-delayed update to the front page of the website. Since the last posting, Set Ten of Teamfight Tactics has come to a close which means another retrospective article taking a look back at the set. This was arguably the best set ever in the history of TFT so my review is highly positive in nature; we've moving on now to Set Eleven which looks like it's going to be quite a bit weaker. Aside from Livestreaming TFT games, I also played through a Master of Orion game with the Mrrshans which is summarized in this written report. Offline, I did a complete Octopath Traveler solo run with the Sorcerer class which has its first part here. It had been well over a year since I last played the original Octopath Traveler and I still need to finish solo runs with the last few classes at some point.

In even older gaming news, I also spent some time running solo characters for the original Final Fantasy. I had to play through the quest of a solo Thief at some point which is written up here, which was amusingly done at the same time as Sir System Error was playing out the exact same challenge without either of us knowing about the other. Then I returned to the game again for one last run: the melee-only solo Black Mage, what I consider to be my magnum opus for the game. This is probably the last run that I'll do for the original Final Fantasy as there isn't any more gameplay left to explore. Finally, I am still hoping to put together Season Eight of Civ4 AI Survivor later this year, look for more details there in a month or so. Thanks as always for following along!

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