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Big news for the website: if you haven't seen the announcement already, AI Survivor is returning for Season Six! All of the information is posted at the AI Survivor Season Six main page, with our leader draw taking place next week on April 23rd and then our new fantasy auction draft following on April 30th. The first game kicks off on May 7th and then we'll continue with weekly matches for the next couple of months. If you missed out on previous years of AI Survivor, this is a great time to follow the action along from the start! Elsewhere, I've also posted a report summarizing the Civ6 Phoenician Pirates game that I played on Livestream. This one was fun even though the Civ6 AI doesn't put up much of a challenge - there's a reason why I don't run Civ6 AI Survivor! Finally, Teamfight Tactics is kicking off a new set and we've been testing it out on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) server in anticipation of the formal release in a few weeks. There should be plenty of TFT content over on my YouTube channel and anyone is welcome to join us in our group games on Wednesdays and Fridays. Feel free to stop by and come learn a whole new set of champions along with us!

There's been a couple of updates to the website over the last few weeks. In the Civ4 AI Survivor category, I've added a pair of additional alternate histories for Game Six and Game Seven. They are all linked from the Civ4 AI Survivor Season Five main page and we're down to only a single remaining match (Game Eight) that still needs one of those retrospective examinations. I also added a new written article for Teamfight Tactics that looks at Set 4.5 as it rapidly draws to a close. This is titled Festival of Bad Beats and it's linked here for the curious. We continue to run our group TFT games during the Friday Livestreams and I try to put up a couple of Teamfight Tactics videos on YouTube each week. No one seems to watch them but they're fun for me to record and that's the important part. Look for more information about the next season of AI Survivor coming in a few weeks as I start the get the preparatory work out of the way. Should be fun!

It's been some time since I posted a notice to the front page of the website and I'm going to try and list a few of the updates that have been getting added in recent months. For starters, our Civ Fridays Livestreaming series has continued on a weekly basis as I feature different turn-based strategy games. The most recent Civ4 game was named Frederick's Spy Ring and focused on an espionage and specialist economy; this link leads to a short writeup of the game that I put together today. Prior to running the espionage game, I played a Master of Orion variant that I named Inflexible Psilons. There's a short written summary for that game as well and of course I have links on both pages to the Livestream archives on YouTube. The other game that I've been streaming is Teamfight Tactics as the lead-in title for the first few hours of each Livestream. We have a nice group that turns out each Friday to take part in these games and it feels a bit like the old YouTube Nights from League of Legends back, uh, a decade ago. Here's a link to the playlist of YouTube videos that I've done for the current Set 4.5 of Teamfight Tactics. Earlier I wrote up my impressions of the previous Set Four which I mentioned back in December so here's the link to that report for those who may have missed it.

But wait, there's more! I also played through and wrote about an entire Octopath Traveler solo character over the past few months. This was the secret job known as the Warmaster and I explored this overpowered class in great detail across five different pages; here's a link to the first part of the story. And for one last note, I've also been working on finshing the Alternate Histories for the remaining Civ4 AI Survivor games from Season Five. There are only a couple more of them to go and if you haven't been following along I have these alternate histories done for 10 of the 13 games from Season Five. They are all linked from the Civ4 AI Survivor Season Five main page. I'm tentatively targeting a date in 2-3 months for the start of Season Six of AI Survivor although that is very much subject to change depending on what happens in that span of time. Overall then, it's been a busy few months for the website with a lot of new content. I've done a poor job of keeping the front page up to date, my apologies for that!

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